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In our daily hustle and bustle life where we don’t take a beat to stop – we try balancing the work and a hundred chores every day. Our busy lifestyle and numerous responsibilities keep us on our toes. With all of that, we are trying to make a mark in different facets of our life. Whether it is work or personal. We always want to try new things and be the best at it. From the way we look to the work we choose. We try to get our best foot forward every time we step out of our house. Our appearances play a major role in creating an impression, leaving a mark. From our clothes to our shoes and most importantly our hair. I love experimenting with my hair. I always try new hair colours and hairstyles every few months to reinvent myself. Getting a hair makeover gives me a new edge and creates a vibe. But there is a downside to this as it causes a lot of damage to my hair. My hair becomes rough, dry, frizzy and dull. A lot of heating tools I use for my shoots also leads to a lot more damage and dullness. It then leads to a bad hair day which is my biggest nightmare. I love my hair and it is something I take care of the most. And I invest a lot in hair spas and hair products.

My go-to brand for all my hair problems is BBLUNT. It has always got my back when I have tried different looks. The BBLUNT Repair Remedy range is created to put all the hair damage issues at bay, especially for Indian hair. It has made my hair soft and given it an instant shine. It has helped my hair get back to life – just in time for the festive season!

What I really love about BBLUNT hair care products is their fragrance. It makes me feel good and I feel like it’ll be hard to find a perfume that matches up to how much I love the aroma of BBLUNT’s products especially the Repair Remedy shampoo and conditioner. The Shampoo comes in a hot red bottle and at an extremely affordable rate. I use it thrice a week for best results. But what surprised me is that from the first use it has done wonders to my frizzy hair and given me unmatched results. The shampoo and conditioner made me feel like I have just got a hair spa done. The conditioner is in an oval shaped bottle. After using it my frizzy hair has become smooth and full of bounce. I love to finish off my hair care routine with BBLUNT’s Leave-In Cream to keep my hair ready for all the challenges and pollution it has to face throughout the day. It has also helped to improve my hair texture after every use. This is the last touch to my hair regime for silky smooth hair without any salon visits.

One of the major ingredients that attracted me to the BBLUNT‘s Repair Remedy collection is that the products are rich in Keratin that repairs damage and makes hair resistant to breakage. The second ingredient is Argan Oil that promotes hair growth and makes frizzy hair smooth and shiny. This collection is the solution to all my hair problems in one go and there is no way I’m turning back from it. This is literally all I need. The Remedy Repair range has worked its charm on me and has got me hooked on to it. The bounce and shine in my hair have set the mood for the New Year. I love the products and swear by them. So if you’re looking to colour your hair or your hair have become dull due to the pollution or heat styling and you are looking for a solution, know that BBLUNT has got it all covered in its Repair Remedy range that will make you fall in love with your hair.


BBLUNT REPAIR REMEDY SHAMPOO ,                                                                                             BBLUNT REPAIR REMEDY CONDITIONER &  BBLUNT LEAVE-IN CREAM

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