Abu Dhabi – Part 1

Sorry the wait but you guys remember right ? I had gone to Abu Dhabi with @visitabudhabi few months ago. I had flooded with a lot of pictures on Instagram and of course other social media handles but finally hear I am to talk about it. I know I am a bit late but my apologies. I was working on my website and if you happen to notice I have changed my layout and added alot of new things. Anyway back to my #CIACTravels

So I had gone for 3 night and 4days to Abu Dhabi and it was more relaxing and a fun trip. There was so much to explore. I will start from Day 1. I was staying at Eithad towers and  I  had the best room view. Obviously check the pictures and you will know what I am talking about 😉
I reached Abu Dhabi around 12 o clock and headed for lunch at Asia De Cuba. A very chilled out and its at the beach. Grabbed some yummy food and then soonafter we headed to Captian Tonys lsland Beach Tours. Basically it’s a sunset cruise and you will get to experience the best sunset. We were in the cruise for about 1 and half hour. Clicked some images and just enjoying in the middle of nowhere. It was so peaceful and perfect. After that we headed back to our hotel and ate dinner in toro toro which is in Ethihad itself. I had this drink which came in a coconut but mixed with some flavours and I was totoally in love with that. I had 3 of them :p it was that yum. Then we headed back to our room because we had a crazy day planned next day.

We headed to Zaya nurai Island. It was oh so beautiful. If you happen to be in Abu Dhbai you have to have to go there and atlease spend a day there. You can even stay there since there are so pretty villas available. We ate lunch and was just all day there enjoying everything put there. There was a swing there in the middle of the water and me and my sister thought to get some pictures. But it was so deep in there we couldn’t go. We tried a lot but had too much fun trying because we use to just fall and run backwards. Hahah it was such a fun day. We even saw the sunset from Stand up paddle and headed back to the mall and soon after some shoping and then some yummy sushi at 99 sushi bar.

Both the days went extremely amazing. I was so excited with the view as I had my bathtub facing the view amd I always wanted a room like that. I have a things for views and I just make sure if I ever bookig I always check the view out first. Eithahd tower was such a beautiful hotel ans I had an amazing experience staying in there for 2nights and the 3rd day we were heading to the deserts. I was so so excited for that. Wait for the next blog post 😉

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