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I never really enjoyed things that took up too much of my time, especially if it was about getting ready. Making spa appointments, making a shopping list and planning an entire day around getting every item checked, waiting in line for train tickets, etc. It left me feeling like I had no time left to actually do something productive with my day, you know? I’m so glad that I grew up just when technology was beginning to really pick up, because now nearly everything can be done within the comfort of my own house, and lightning fast. It gives me a rush to realize that I’ve finished my monthly shopping with just a few taps on a shopping website, or ordered groceries for the week through an app.

Everything is so much quicker, so why should basic beauty needs take time and effort? Thanks to Veet, going to the salon for hair removal is history for me.

Their new electric trimmer is a time-saver. It comes with 2 trimming heads, combs, a brush and a beauty pouch, only at ₹2250! You can also use it to shape your eyebrows, to clear your upper lips and even your sidelocks without having to worry about any dark patches or thick, hard hair. It has a bit of a learning curve so you have to be careful and mindful of how and where you use it the first few times, but after that it works like a charm. If you have a speedy hair growth, it won’t be a problem because the new Veet electric trimmer is easy to use no matter where you go. You can find it on any of your online shopping websites, and at any store near you.

Veet’s instant waxing kit is another of their products that is a blessing in disguise. It is available for the three different types of skin, which are dry, sensitive, and normal. My skin type is normal and I am so happy with this product because I don’t have to rush to the beauty parlour for waxing (especially when it’s on short notice)! And it is really simple to use – you just need to have clean hands as a prerequisite. Just press the waxing strip down on the area of the hair growth and pull it in the opposite direction of the growth in one swift and fast motion. They’ve even provided post-waxing wipes in the Veet instant waxing kit to use on the freshly hairless skin to soothe you and that is all. You’re good to go, and only at the small price of ₹99!

Finally, but equally utilitarian, is the Veet hair removal cream. These also come for varying skin types. There’s a small spatula in this pack that you use to layer the hair removal cream on your skin, leave it on for 3 minutes (no more than that), and using the edge of the spatula, scrape the cream off of your skin gently. Give your skin a wash after this procedure, and voila! Smooth and hairless skin without any of the pain and agony of waxing! I use the Veet hair removal cream for my legs and I swear by it completely.

I have personally used each of these products and I can promise you that I have had a side-effect-free experience. There are no dark patches or hard hair for me. In fact, my skin actually feels softer after using Veet’s products. I would suggest that you get to understand your skin type and then choose your product accordingly so that it suits your skin and transforms you into the best version of you.



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