I collected bliss and JPMiles with JetPrivilege

I was looking back at last year and how travel has become such an important part of my life. I’m so lucky to be able to experience varied cultures and lifestyles. But, just recently, I realized that the benefits of my travel don’t need to stop once I’m out of the airport.

As a JetPrivilege member, my Jet Airways co-brand card came in handy in so many different ways. I really have to tell you all about it.

So, here’s what the rare stress-free week in my life looked like. I indulged in a delicious, wholesome meal on weekdays. There’s no fun without good food, don’t you agree? So I had booked a table at Smoke House Deli through jetprivilege.com and headed out for some me-time. I cleared my payment by swiping my Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card to increase my JPMiles earnings and then wrote a review on TripAdvisor.com Never knew that by sharing my experience I would earn 100+ JPMiles more. I love catching up on glam news every now and then and guess what? I subscribed to Femina via jetprivilege.com and earned 270 JPMiles. My day was going super well so far.

On to the next day. A soothing spa session was on the cards before another busy work week begins. I dropped by Zara for a little shopping before that -found exactly what my wardrobe needs, booked a cab and headed to the O2Spa. There’s nothing that a good massage can’t fix! All of these activities helped me earn 1500+ JPMiles.



So, we finally reach the dreaded Friday. I mostly stay in and planned the rest of my week to avoid hassles later. I don’t know about you guys, but staying indoors and browsing online usually is my thing. Since a long time, I haven’t gone for a vacation hence I proceed to make my travel and stay arrangements of course, but a little indulgence never hurt anyone! Booking my flight and stay from jetprivilege.com helped me earn 12000+ JPMiles.


Now, if I told you that everything you just read earned me around 25000+ JPMiles, would you believe it? I also learned that I can redeem these JPMiles by booking a flight to Dubai for my parents. It’s like being Super Mario and collecting travel coins but instead of fighting monsters, you just have fun while collecting them!

‘Life’s about the journey and not the destination’ – wise words that I live by. To me, the JetPrivilege program makes the journey indefinitely more exciting. So #DontStopCollecting the smiles, unforgettable experiences and JPMiles – join in https://www.instagram.com/dontstopcollecting/

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    June 17, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    If ever anything looked like a paid post, this is it.. bleh, what is Jetairways paying to do this

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