My Hair-Changing Experience with TIGI and Ralf Boss

I love how life always has a new experience to offer! From my memorable trip to Koi Samui, to trying out Deepika’s clothing collection, I’ve had such a wonderful time learning and exploring.

After my last hair experiment, I really wanted to try something new when it came to my locks. So, I made a trip to the Lakme Absolut Salon in Bandra and got my hair pampered and styled by Ralf Boss. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, this guy is a very important man! Ralf Boss leads the TIGI Asia Educator Team as Creative Director Taiwan & Asia South Pacific. He wanted to be a famous hairdresser at the age of 13, and now prides in having run his own salon in Germany for more than 15 years! So inspiring!

I felt honoured to have him cut and style my hair, really. He is so experienced and talented, and I’m sure his skills are unparalleled. Throughout the entire process, he talked to me about little but important hacks when it comes to hair, like how your conditioner should never be the same brand and type as the shampoo you use. Another valuable tip he gave was that when you cut your hair, always divide your hair in uneven layers. This helps your hair grow and give it a better structure!

Ralf Boss used Bed Head products to make sure my hair game was totally on fleek! He started with using TIGI Bed Head’s Urban Antidotes Re-energize Shampoo, and the After Party smoothing hair cream right after the wash. These cleaned and untangled my hair perfectly! He finished with a spritz of Hard Head hair spray and gave me this look that goes best with my style!

Overall, I can tell you that my experience with Ralf Boss at the Lakme Absolut Salon was shear heaven! I am so, so happy with how gorgeous my hair looks and how well the Bed Head products treated my tresses!


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