Femme Power With Max Fashion

So you all know how I really enjoy working on different looks – from something totally ordinary to something I feel I’ll never be able to pull off – just because it’s almost like an adventure as to how it’ll turn out to be. We all have moments where we see that cute dress that we’d love to wear but it’s too bold, or too toned down, that it won’t go with our style at all, but then when we decide to let go of that inhibition and try it on with complementing it with suitable items, it becomes our favourite outfit. Or maybe that’s just me. I fall in love with nearly every item in the store and heavily doubt that I’ll even look okay in them, and after hours of cribbing and trying to find what would go best with it, I feel very proud of what I put together. I look myself in the mirror and I tell myself, “I look great!” And yes, I do compliment myself, and why shouldn’t I? We all deserve to feel good about ourselves, and I say that charity begins at home.

So anyway, I came across the newest collection from Max and, I’m not even kidding, every single new item in their collection is a must-have. It was so difficult to keep my hands off of it all! I threw almost every single piece of clothing into my shopping bag because I wanted to have all of them. If I had to go into detail about the new Max collection, then this post would probably go on forever, so I’m just going to stick with this one look I made up.

In this shoot, as you can see, I’m wearing their olive shorts and black top. The zigzag tied neckline has been trending for a very long time and I severely missed having a good one in my wardrobe. I paired it with the shorts and a net jacket that says ‘femme power’, which just made me go HELL YEAH in my head.


Following me on Snapchat and Instagram (shame on you if you haven’t, go quick and follow @caughtinacuff) should’ve revealed to you that I’ve tried on this hairstyle some time last year too and it has a sort of timeless statement. I adapted it a little to make it look grunge and put a hat on with it. You can always play around with the jacket – wear it the way you feel is most comfortable or stylish. After all, it’s still your look, and you’re the only one who gets to decide what you want to be!

What do you think about my look? I’d love to know what you feel!

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