Styling Game with Max For EML

I know I haven’t been posting regularly on my blog, but let me tell you a little secret: my blog is getting revamped! I am so excited for you guys to see what it is going to look like when it goes live. I promise you there will be a lot of awesome things coming up.

For those of you who aren’t yet following me on Instagram (please do, @caughtinthecuff), I went to Goa with Max Fashion for the EML Grand Finale. Before the trip, I had to style two of the EML Mumbai phase winners, and the looks I went for were minimal and basic. I like to have a simple, toned down style with just a bit of embellishment to really make a statement, so that is what I went ahead with.

For Shubhangana, I picked a pair of white cropped pants with a black crop top, and she chose a black jacket to go with it. We selected shoes to finish her look.

We went for plain grey trousers and a simple t-shirt for Bobby, and accessorised his look with a cap to give it a casual touch.

Both my models were so shy in front of the camera, but their shots were perfection. It was Bobby Mandhyan and Shubhangana Raje’s first ever photo shoot, so guiding them and supporting them created a really good and strong between us. I had such a great time being so involved in the Max Fashion EML Grand Finale, and the opportunity they gave me to style these models was such a motivating and satisfying experience!

The event was totally lit and every model was admirable in her style and her poise. It was so inspiring! With Goa as the backdrop of the Grand Finale, I think they outdid themselves and made quite the splash with such a grand event.


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