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Amongst the literal billions of people in our world, it’s easy to feel like you’re just ordinary, that in the midst of a crowd, nobody would be able to spot you as someone different. We’re always finding ways to be unique, and so much of it has to do with our appearance. I like to switch things up for myself every few months to bring about a feeling of reinvention, and as you guys know, my latest makeover involved colouring my hair red globally. I love the colour to bits, but there’s a downside to treating your hair with chemicals, and that is damaged, undernourished hair.

I take my hair way too seriously, if you ask me. It’s the best accessory to have for any look! I feel like if I’m having a good hair day, then I don’t need to even bother putting together an outfit because my hair just makes me look so much better!

If you’re considering colouring your hair, you have to also keep in mind that your locks need extra attention after the process and you cannot take it lightly. The texture of my hair was rough and I was perpetually worried about the colour fading away too soon. I invested in hair spas and coloured hair-tailored shampoos that ensured my tresses looked and felt their best at all times.


My go-to hair product ever since I went red has been BBLUNT’s Born Again collection, created especially for hair that has gone through the stress of colouring and heat. It has smoothened my hair, helped reduce hairfall, and has hydrated my scalp and locks. I use BBLUNT’s hair care products up to thrice a week and I absolutely adore what it has done for me. I don’t shy away from styling, I keep finding new ways to wear my hair, and most of all I feel confident. My hair feels rich and nourished. What I love best about BBLUNT’s Born Again shampoo and conditioner is the fragrance! My hair now makes up for a large part of how I smell and sometimes I feel like it’ll be hard to find a perfume that matches up to how much I love the aroma of BBLUNT’s products. I love to finish off my hair care routine with BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Hair Serum to keep my hair ready for all the challenges and environmental factors it has to face throughout the day.

That is literally all I need. And what you would need, too. BBLUNT’s Born Again Shampoo and Conditioner work like a charm for coloured and damaged hair, and the serum is almost like an elixir for my locks. I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with how gorgeous they make my hair look and feel.

So if you’re taking the leap and renewing your look by colouring your hair, know that BBLUNT has your hair care covered excellently, and you will fall in love with your gorgeous tresses all over again! Enjoy the pictures


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