Vivo V7

This holiday season was quite a busy time for me, and I took relief in how many colours and lights surrounded me no matter where I was. I love that about celebrations! Everyone is in the holiday spirit and everything is decked up and beautiful. And most importantly, we’re all waiting for gifts from all of our loved ones, because what is a celebration without the warmth of affection and gratitude between friends and family? Quite honestly, one of my most favourite things about meeting everyone I care about is taking pictures with them. I love to capture my happy moments into pictures that I can always go back to and feel nostalgic about. Being reminded of the good times makes me feel so much more grateful of how blessed I’ve been with friends and family.

So naturally, I like to go for phones that are made to make sure that every selfie turns out to be perfect. A good camera means better photo shoots, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about looking my best! And if I have a phone that adds to my style, then I know what I want for this Christmas, and it is Vivo’s V7 Blue! It looks absolutely gorgeous in its Energetic Blue casing, and is their newest addition to their V series, very well known for their exceptional photography features. It helps me achieve the perfect selfie with its 24MP front facing camera, and the Face Beauty 7.0 feature. The screen is the perfect size and lets me express myself with absolute clarity. It boasts of a quad-core processor and 4GB RAM, with ample of expandable storage, leaving no place for any complaints. What I find super cool about the Vivo V7 Blue is how I can unlock my phone with Face Access technology, which really helps in making my interaction with my phone seamless.

And can we just step away from the technicalities and focus on its lovely blue colour? I’ve loved the sky and its beauty even when I was a little girl, and its blue colour has signified happiness and expanse for me as long as I can remember. Ever since I got my hands on the Vivo V7 Blue, I have tried to make it a prop in every single shoot. It adds to the aesthetic of my pictures so wonderfully; it lights up the entire set. I feel so fancy answering phone calls or sending messages, knowing how well the blue of my Vivo V7 accentuates my outfit of the day.

For someone who needs her phone as much as she needs to breathe, the Vivo V7 Blue provides for all my needs. From the moment I wake up from my sleep, I am always on my phone! I like playing music the entire time – it makes me feel like I’m in a movie and the music is my soundtrack. I love to scatter my social media with all the small things I do every day, like what I’m eating for lunch, who I am meeting, where I played with this cute puppy, my latest fashion find, my next shoot’s sneak peeks. Obviously, I am updating my Instagram and Snapchat almost constantly. And it helps that my Vivo V7 Blue has 3,000mAh battery, so that by the end of my day, when I’m snuggled inside my covers, my phone is still running without any juice problems.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the Vivo V7 Blue, for its colour, for its features, and for how smoothly it has become a significant part of my daily life. If you’re looking to gift a special someone something as special as them, then this is it.

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