Celebrating Diwali with Max Fashion

It’s almost organic, the way I create my looks. I don’t like to take too much time to decide what I like. For instance, the minute I saw this simple yet striking white dress from Max Fashion, I knew it had ‘me’ written all over it! Yet, given the season, and my love for layering, I needed something to top it, as it were. I found the perfect length and style in the black jacket you see me wearing here.

I like to find some ‘connection’ between the separates I choose. So the hint of red tribal embroidery on the jacket finds a colour throw-off in the red motifs in the front of the dress. I love the detailing on the jacket, the pull-back buttoned sleeves, the pocket – I just love pockets! Way to go this Diwali season.


While I love to be stylish – and so my high heel nudes which I thought would be the perfect foil to the ensemble – I would never compromise on comfort. I believe fashion and comfort can co-exist happily. The dress and the jacket are in breathe-able fabric and flow easily, nothing too body-hugging for me.


The chunky silver jewellery completes my look. And with festivity in the air, I had to reflect the reds on my lipcolour! Hope you like my look and get inspired to check out the treasures at Max Fashion this season!

See you,

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