14-Day Challenge With Pantene

Every girl’s most prized feature is her hair, isn’t it? We try all kinds of products: from the basics like oils, shampoos, and conditioners, to more complex ones like spa treatments, serum, and heat. We put in so much effort to have just the perfect hairstyle and that subtle bounce that adds to our perky personality. As if our jobs and other lemons that life sends our way aren’t stressful enough, the tiresome procedure of hair care feels like another chore in our routine. Throw in environmental factors and you’ve got yourself the optimum situation to have unwanted hair fall. Nobody wants to lose their precious locks!

To keep up with the trends, you cannot possibly overlook something as important as hairstyling. So after a lot of curling, straightening, blow-drying, and so much product in my hair, the roots began to get oily and the tips, very dry. To top it off, I had to deal with hair fall, too. My hair was a frizzy nightmare without the use of products to tame it! Just using shampoos was not helping me at all.

So I decided that I would take up the Pantene Pro-V 14-Day Challenge. They promised lesser hair fall, fuller hair, and softer texture. What’s not to like? I received the Pantene Pro-V Hair fall Control shampoo and conditioner, and a test shampoo without the brand specified. The drill was that I had to use the test shampoo on one half of my hair, and the Pantene Hair fall Control shampoo and conditioner on the other side, for fourteen days. And I complied.

The results? I’m so happy with this product! My hair is visibly nourished, my hair fall is truly controlled, and it feels so smooth! There is absolutely no dryness whatsoever, and the added bonus is how much I LOVE the fragrance of Pantene Pro-V’s shampoo and conditioner! Even my need for things to look beautiful was fulfilled, because the packaging was so fancy and aesthetic! The pricing of the shampoo is 110 INR for 180ml and the conditioner is 55 INR for 75ml.

I am fully satisfied after Pantene’s 14-Day Hair Fall Control Challenge. Needless to say, I’m going to use this for a lot longer than the challenge duration. If you love your hair unconditionally, this product is a must-have!

I am taking up the #14DayChallenge as a part of product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene


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