Happy Hair with Garnier Fructis 1.0

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Over the past year I’ve had a rendezvous with the tip of the fashion world with getting experience in styling, modelling and obviously blogging. Styling other people takes creative effort, but getting dolled up for attending events, meetings and shoots sure takes a toll on oneself in the long term. It requries make up and hair styling apart from the ensemble put together. Considering the Saturday night parties, the weekly affair just won’t stop any sooner.

I’ve never gotten worked up with my skin or hair till now. But as the work requiring me to dress up has increased, i have started to pay heed to it. Touch wood, I’ve been blessed with a blemish free skin and slightly wavy hair, which don’t require regular blow drying or straightening. But i have coloured my hair more than once and the n number of times that I’ve straightened for shoots or parties has done the damage for a lifetime. 

One could always go for spas and therapies but they sure are heavy on the pockets and those procedures also, when done too often may have a flip side. I recently got red and caramel streaks done, mostly on the ends which will eventually will fade to golden and might look dry and frizzy even when not. Also, it makes the hair brittle which is a common issue. So I’m trying to find a subtle solution to escape that drama.

Lot of experts recommend changing your shampoo every couple of months and i wasn’t one of those who would, but Garnier sure appealed to me with the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner. The therapies in salons work for a couple of days, but for long term relief i put my bet on a good shampoo and conditioner. The fragrance of the Triple Nutrition Shampoo is quite pleasant which is something i really need, the main reason why i haven’t used any herbal shampoos yet. The packaging is sleek and the bottles can also be carried for longer trips if sachets aren’t available at that moment. 

The shampoo is creamier than usual and comes in a bright orange bottle. It would last a month and claims to do a lot more than just strengthening.
I’ve used Indian and international brands and I’m hoping for my experience with Garnier to be a positive one that makes it a permanent in the lot of alternating shampoos. Will soon be back with a detailed review on the same. I’m hoping to have more stronger and manageable hair to do some new hair styles in the blogs too.

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Riya Jain

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    mithra randelia
    February 10, 2015 at 7:21 am

    hi riya..thanks fr this hair care post and will wait for a detailed review..keep blogging girl 😀

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