Fairy Tale Moment

I’ve often had that clueless feeling when I think about what I could wear for a party or wedding reception. You can never tell whether you’ll be over- or underdressed for an occasion, and you won’t know until you show up looking like a sore thumb amongst everyone else. By then, it is too late to fix anything, really, and it can be so embarrassing, too.

In an attempt to solve this dilemma once and for all, I set out to find myself an outfit that is elegant and minimal, and yet manages to look just perfect for every kind of event. Honestly, such an adventure can sometimes prove to be disappointing, but I think I was lucky!

I got a chance to try on this absolutely gorgeous dress by Eye Candy at Kemps Corner, and never has a dress made me feel so regal.

It’s a cocktail type dress that you can wear for the on-going wedding and party season, and true to the store’s name, it is such an eye candy! The vividness of the red is powerful and commands the attention and awe from people around, and the material was very kind and gentle on my skin. The way they have draped and pleated the dress is flawless.

Walking around at Renaissance, Powai, in this gown made me connect to the goddess within me, and I felt like some kind of otherworldly being.

If you’re looking for a dress that compliments your style and persona, this is it! It made me feel like a completely different and beautiful person, and I hope you feel like it, too!

Location courtesy- Renaissance, Powai
Images Clicked By- Mohit Varu

See you soon,
Riya Jain

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