Lost with Skinn By Titan

When a familiar fragrance sparks thoughts, your mind tends to wander – and you are then on an endless ride. It subtly opens a chapter from your life like it was just yesterday. You could say perfumes almost work like a time machine!

Roses, movie tickets or walking into an Archie’s or Hallmark store surely defined the early teens, everything innocent and nascent. I sometimes catch myself strolling through those aisles, going through those silly cards just to relive those simple days.

Sheer took me to a time I hadn’t visited in a long while. I remember his face from across the garden in our residential society. The whiff of jasmine in the air and this handsome man in formal wear. It was silly almost. We would be on either side once or twice a day – me headed to college, him headed to work. Somehow, we would manage to glimpse at each other. And somehow that glimpse comforts me even today. Nostalgia has a strange way of reminding you of things that could’ve been I guess. Reminiscing the what ifs by the beach with a little colour to underline the happier picture.

The key is to cherish those memories rather than rue over them. I do end up toying with the exciting possibilities though. A girl can wish, right? Sheer was a tiny adventure for me – the first aromas took me to a cheerful place and as the fragrance travelled deeper, it was almost like an unexpected but welcome flashback!

See you soon 🙂

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    October 14, 2017 at 6:55 am

    Nice shots…Really mesmerizing..:-)

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